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Ugly Sobbing Couch Potato

[HxH spoilers, sort of, ahead] Well, I have not post an update for a while I guess because there's not much going on right now and I've literally been a couch potato for weeks. I spend my days alternating between anime and manga LOL. Yes, the usual. Yup. That is me. A huge adorable piece… Continue reading Ugly Sobbing Couch Potato

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Pangilinan Family Reunion 2018

Last April 8, 2018 we held the first ever family reunion of Apong Tali's Pangilinan Family at Lumanog Farmville Resort, Santo Tomas Pampanga. The families of the & children of Apong Tali came together to get to know each other and celebrate. Catalina Vega Pangilinan, lovingly called Apong Tali, was the family's matriarch. Her husband… Continue reading Pangilinan Family Reunion 2018