This blog is run by Phatsee/Patsi/Pat/Pats/Papat/Patchi/Patch/Fatima/Tima/whatever you want to call her. She is a nurse practicing her profession in the perioperative field. She has the constant struggle of loving food and TRYING to manage her weight for health reasons. She likes to travel as much as her pocket allows her to. She is pretty much living a simple life with her mom and three lovely doggos. Her day doesn’t go by without reading manga and she has a special heart for them yaoi/boys love. She has been into manga/anime as long as she can remember and listens to a wide range of music that includes kpop and jpop/rock. She may appear tough and intimidating with her resting bitch face and all but she really is a gentle soul. Give her some love, she likes it. (´。• ᵕ •。`)

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