Suddenly it’s Potipot

It’s one of those “biglaang lakad” or sudden trips that surprisingly pushed through being that it’s with the family. The trip was literally set the day before and amazingly everyone was on board that we had a problem thinking of ways to fit everybody in my uncle’s van . At one point, I decided not to go even (since i also have Saturday class) so they can fit everyone and my cousin’s 3 dogs. So the night of the departure, i was not ready. I was in my jammies and I did not pack anything. So when mother said there’s still room in the car, i jammed all things i think i would need inside by backpack and put on the first outfit i saw in my dresser. So, basically, this wouldn’t be the usual “trip guide” because I literally didn’t plan and prepare for anything for this trip, i just went with the flow. Nonetheless, i will try to make it so and share bits of (hopefully) useful information when you guys decide to visit Zambales and Potipot island sometime soon. 🙂


Zambales is a province in central Luzon that borders the West Philippine Sea and Potipot island is located in Candelaria, Zambales which is about 2 hours away from Subic, Olongapo. Potipot is a small island that boasts of pristine white beach and clear waters. It’s about 15min boat ride away from the mainland and perfect for those looking for a nice, quiet summer spot to hang with friends and family.

How to get there

I honestly don’t know since it’s like a group tour via van and I just slept throughout the entire ride LOL. Anyway, there are buses in Caloocan, Cubao and Pasay going to Sta. Cruz and get off in Uacon, Candelaria. Once in Uacon Barangay hall, take tricycle to jump off and ride a boat to the island.

Potipot Island

We only planned to stay for a “day tour” in Potipot Island which is from 9am to 5pm. You can also stay overnight for additional fee and you can also set up or rent tents to sleep in on the island. Anyway, my aunt arranged a resort for us to stay overnight about half an hour drive from Potipot jump-off. I will discuss about the resort later.

The island was not what i expected in the sense that it looked more of a resort than a natural island because of the tables, gazebos, tents and other facilities and ornaments spread out across the island. They have a restaurant, grill station, volleyball and basketball court, kayak and various photo op areas.

It’s quite nice, actually, that they have more activities to offer other than swimming and ‘instagramming’. They also have decent shower and toilet facilities tho, the water in the showers are quite salty as well. The only thing i hate was the ants! My foot swelled because of ant bites D: Overall, it’s a pretty sweet place to chill and have fun with family and friends for the summer. And t is better to go there peak if summer because we got caught up in a storm. Good thing we managed to get back to the mainland before it got worse but the people who stayed late and went there for overnight got stranded.

Halina sa Razon Resort

A resort was arranged for us around 15mins away from Potipot jump-off where we had stayed the night. It was quite off the main road, but the place is really nice. Among he accomodations we had so far, this is one of the best and considering the price, the most ‘sulit’ as well. It’s quiet, spacious and has its own beach front. They have a huge front yard for parking and this gazebo-like function area with bar and back kitchen. It’s perfect for events and large gatherings. The beach is powdery black sand in contrast to Potipot’s. I love their rooms because they’re so spacious and can fit 10-15 people. There are only two beds but they can arrange extra mattresses on the floor. And I believe they onky rent it out for like 2,500/night. It was really a great place to stay, and even if we didn’t go to Potipot, we would also be satisfied staying at the resort the whole time haha.

It was a very wonderful trip with the family. Other than the drive home where we got stuck in traffic because of roadworks and had to detour because of a triathlon event and the birth of the weird LSS, Mau (grabe, grabe~) >,<, we had so much fun and super enjoyed our stay in Candelaria, Zambales. 😀

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