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Ugly Sobbing Couch Potato

[HxH spoilers, sort of, ahead]

Well, I have not post an update for a while I guess because there’s not much going on right now and I’ve literally been a couch potato for weeks. I spend my days alternating between anime and manga LOL. Yes, the usual.


Yup. That is me. A huge adorable piece of potato glued to the couch, bed actually, lazing the days away with my 2D loves. The only times I break my routine is when my mom forces me to go out for an errand and every Saturday when I go to French class and then hang out with friends after. We did saw a couple of movies which I have given thought of writing a review on but then I don’t really know how to write one so the idea’s been basically just an idea up to now.

I’d like to try writing reviews sometime. Especially anime and manga that I have watched and read that really touched my soul. Just like recently, well just a few moments ago, I cried my eyes out watching Hunter x Hunter Chimera Ant Arc because of freaking Meruem-Komugi ship that is too beautiful and too sad for my heart that i just ugly sobbed the whole Episode 135. Meruem is the 2nd villain whose death I ugly sobbed for. It’s not that I like Meruem per se but I love how the relationship between Meruem and Komugi developed which also brought out Meruem’s humanity from playing Gungi (a fictional board game in the anime). And just when Meruem finally realized Komugi’s worth and how precious she is to him, he had to be freaking dying slowly from poison. And he knew it. And he just wants to spend his remaining time with Komugi playing Gungi! And Komugi is willing to die with him! They will keep playing forever in bliss!(╥_╥) ughhhh just remembering the scenes gets tears on my eyes. I really don’t know why I am so affected by this but the Meruem-Komugi ship is definitely on top of my list of canon ships.


This guy got good explanation on the ship’s final scenes. fine death scene T.T

Anyway, that is what currently is up with me. I don’t think there’s gonna be much change on my daily happenings in the following days but I will try to blog about other topics and hopefully I could also write a movie/ show review.

Au revoir~! (✪‿✪)ノ



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