The Return of the Curls

I have been struggling with my hair since forever and especially this past year when my hair entered the awkward post-rebond phase. I have naturally curly hair and I used to have it rebonded just so I can manage it better. But of course you can’t make the new hair growing straight. They will still grow curly and that’s when it gets ugly. I get this half curly half straight hair, where it’s curly on the roots then goes straight down the tips. For months, I wanted to chop off the rebonded tips but hair dressers advice against it because the curly part wasn’t long enough. I don’t want get rebonded again because same thing will happen and it’ll be expensive to maintain in the future. And finally! I couldn’t take it anymore and got the straight out! I told the haircutter that I don’t mind how short it will get, just get rid of the dang thang and here it is!


And here’s what my cousin thought of it (≧∇≦)


It is kinda short but i like it (*^o^*) yay mini afro!(≧∇≦)

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