Hello! I’m Phatsee and this is the start of my blog journey. I’ve always wanted to keep a blog since forever but I couldn’t keep at it because either I got lazy or I don’t really have anything to write about or I’m too lazy to do anything that I can write about haha!

I have a very busy mind in a very lazy body. I constantly think of things I want to do, stuff I want to learn, places I want to visit, etc. I always imagine myself going on adventures and trying out bunch of stuff but somehow, I always find myself at home in bed lazing around reading manga, browsing the web and eating junk at the same time. It’s just that I get easily distracted with comfort and that I really have a hard time getting myself to start things and even harder time to follow through. Even starting this blog, I have been thinking of doing this for years but I just got myself to do it now. It’s not like I’m a total shut in or whatever but I kinda do things in bits. Like, I would start something or do an activity and then laze around again the next day or weeks. Most of the time I get complacent and it would take a whole lot of self motivation and coercion from outside forces (a.k.a family and friends) to get my ass up get moving. I have this “If I can do it later, why do it now” personality which has been the bane of my mom since childhood.

I am aware of my problem and I am taking this chance when I have this feeling of wanting to change and allow myself to be more productive and turn the thoughts on my busy mind into reality. With this blog, I hope to do more and write more. Though, I’m not really a writer but I’ll try my best to share my stories and be as informative as possible  not only for the readers but for myself as well. I’d like this to serve as a journal of my thoughts and experiences that I can look back on and use as motivation and learning material.

I’ll be posting about travels, food, hobbies and basically my life so please look forward to my blog entries. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts and I hope you can get something out of reading my blog 🙂

See you! (◕ᴗ◕✿)


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