16 juin 2018. Our last day of French1 Saturday class with madame Philippa of UP DEL in UP Diliman. Last May, I enrolled in french class with 2 of my friends mainly because one of the, Michael, was looking for a hobby and the other one, Zal, and I have free time so we decided… Continue reading Bonjour~!


Suddenly it’s Potipot

It's one of those "biglaang lakad" or sudden trips that surprisingly pushed through being that it's with the family. The trip was literally set the day before and amazingly everyone was on board that we had a problem thinking of ways to fit everybody in my uncle's van . At one point, I decided not… Continue reading Suddenly it’s Potipot

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Pangilinan Family Reunion 2018

Last April 8, 2018 we held the first ever family reunion of Apong Tali's Pangilinan Family at Lumanog Farmville Resort, Santo Tomas Pampanga. The families of the & children of Apong Tali came together to get to know each other and celebrate. Catalina Vega Pangilinan, lovingly called Apong Tali, was the family's matriarch. Her husband… Continue reading Pangilinan Family Reunion 2018


The Mystery of Unsolved Mysteries

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!? Why can't we ever solve these escape room games?!? It's so frustrating ugh. Last Easter Sunday, I hung out with friends and we tried conquering yet another room of puzzles and riddles in Mystery Manila at Ayala 30th Mall. Our first run with this type of game was i think last year at Left Behind in Mandala Park… Continue reading The Mystery of Unsolved Mysteries