The Mystery of Unsolved Mysteries

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!? Why can’t we ever solve these escape room games?!? It’s so frustrating ugh. Last Easter Sunday, I hung out with friends and we tried conquering yet another room of puzzles and riddles in Mystery Manila at Ayala 30th Mall. Our first run with this type of game was i think last year at Left Behind in Mandala Park … More The Mystery of Unsolved Mysteries

Taal Hike

“Will the real Taal Volcano please stand up.” This trip was way overdue. After years of constant planning and rescheduling, we finally found a hiking trip me and my high school friends can go to. Though, it was only the three of us, it’s a start. Also, we were joined by some of our friend’s … More Taal Hike

Elyu Adventures

The sun is high, school is out and it’s the Holy week, these can only mean one thing, summer is here! And what better way to spend summer in a tropical country than going to the beach! So, a couple of friends and I decided to go to the surfing capital of the north, La … More Elyu Adventures


Hello! I’m Phatsee and this is the start of my blog journey. I’ve always wanted to keep a blog since forever but I couldn’t keep at it because either I got lazy or I don’t really have anything to write about or I’m too lazy to do anything that I can write about haha! I … More Introduction